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15 02 2013
Professor Richard Wilson

My wife and were at your splendid performance last evening in Keyworth, and throughly enjoyed it – although we wondered why Chris didn’t complete the change of roles by singing when Sara took over the piano, All took over the bass, and Ben took out his flute!
Sara’s rendition of ‘Autumn Leaves’ was mesmerising – bravo! I mentioned to Ben during the interval a story that Benny Green told regarding the English lyrics. Someone in the USA (sorry – I’ve forgotten who, so let’s call him X) had an option on the (French) music as long as some lyrics were added, but he option was about to expire. In panic, X ‘phoned Johnny Mercer to ask if he could write some lyrics in the three days left, but JM said that he was about to leave for the airport and would be away for a couple of weeks. However, they agreed that X would drop the music off at JM’s house, and he would take a look before he set off for the airport. JM called X from the airport to tell him that some lyrics (as we know them) were pinned on the outside of JM’s front door, and X was invited to collect them. JM had written those wonderful lyrics in 20 minutes!

Keep up your excellent work –


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